Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year That Was...

2008 was a year of sorts...
Here's what i learnt :

1.      Ignorance IS bliss. Everyone is so much happier when they don’t know so much. And yet we are oh-so-inquisitive.

2.      Your best friend is never judgmental. If she is, she’s not your best friend.

3.      Sometimes, when you are indecisive and decide to flip for it, don’t. Coins only buy gum; they do not make important decisions.

4.      Even a closest friend can lose it and do something totally unexpected. So while others tell you to shout at her, you do what you think is right, because nobody else is wearing your shoes. Only you can see your entire spectrum. People make mistakes. It is so much easier to just forgive.

5.      Whenever you do something nice, at least one person is watching you. And they can then offer you a gold ring for just giving away five bucks to a beggar.

6.      Whisky and beet root soup go well together.

7.      Sometimes you genuinely want to help, but can’t.

8.      Your correspondence can make someone’s day.

9.      Purple is always soothing.

10.  Receiving an unexpected compliment can make you smile for hours.

11.  The actual magnificence of a mountain hits you only when you start trying to climb it. And that’s when you know God is saying ‘Ha-ha!’

12.  Sometimes when you are deeply hurt, even the cold does not bother you.

13.  Nobody can make you shop like dad.

14.  There are some people you always take for granted. There are others you don’t. And you always tend to call the former when you are down and depressed. For the simple reason that they are always there.

15.  Younger brothers never cease to irritate.

16.  The reason people break-up is because they know they have that option.

17. Sometimes you don't know just how much you have learnt in a year, until you start to make a list.

Happy New Year!