Thursday, January 15, 2009

Serene Woods ...

The rustle of the leaves,

the crackle of the twig,

the chirp of the mynah,

the monkey and its jig.


The wind in the trees,

their swaying to and fro.

And across the green lush,

the peeping eyes of the doe.


A rivulet in its womb,

its surface clear and calm,

meandering across the length,

like veins on a palm.


The tang of honeysuckle,

the whiff of fresh air,

the aura of gentleness

akin to a mother's care.


The woods are like words

with meanings manifold.

Deep, dark, mysterious

with myriad secrets untold.


The woods are like words-

They bring out the best in you.

Earthy brown, dark green.

Calm, beautiful…serene.


Rohan said...

a writer.. a poet.. nythin else u hv left in the hiding !!?
this blog seems to bring out the multi talent in u.. m impressed..
u're writing one fr me this valentine.. copyright it of course.. lol

meenakshi said...

rocking :)

mansi said...

it was AWESOME :)

Swapnil said...

totally brilliant ;)

Golden Vulture said...

waahh poetess ban gyi tu toh :)

Appy said...

:) nai yaar, aise hi, random try