Friday, March 20, 2009


A hint of sadness

A touch of misfortune

A scintilla of desperation

But then days of laughter


A shadow of grief

An iota of desolation

A dash of emptiness

But then days of love


A smidgen of melancholy

A tinge of darkness

A shred of suffering

But then days of sunshine


A pinch of agony

A spot of longing

A trace of gloom

But then days of contentment


An age of endurance

Months of anguish

An eon of misery

And then days of… nothing?





nitish kumar said...

brilliant!! gets me nostalgic...very contemplative writing!

Golden Vulture said...

after every dark phase comes a light ... so sparkling bright that it will take all your worries away :D

gogs pahen liyo ha ha :D

good one ...

Chimu said...

Great work!!

Appy said...

Thanks, you guys ...

Cursed♪♫ said...

Lovely one. You write well!
The picture of the converse shoes in your blog, in the right side pane is awesome :) Love them!
I like your blog! ♥♥

Adisha said...

Totally beautiful . Such hope !!

But in the end, nothing ??? :( I hope not :D


Appy said...

I hope not, either .. :)
Thanks Juhi and Adisha.

meenakshi said...

brilliantly wrttn :)
i hope u nvr hv da 'days f nothng' in ur rockng..
n da blog looks amazng...spcly da converses

aastha said...

hey! yaar it started on an optimistic note,shud have ended the same way..Anyway everything doeznt conclude positively and thats the harsh reality..

Appy said...

@ Mini - The converses are an ode to our friendship. For an entire year, everything in our life revolved around umpteen-coloured converses ;)

@ Aastha - You're, sadly enough, totally right...

meenakshi said...

lol...truly said...cheers 2 our frndhip...n cheers 2 our converses ;)

Swapnil said...

the best post ever !