Thursday, July 9, 2009

Locked Diary

As I put my book down,
The French windows beckon
And I divert my gaze outside…
Its getting darker,
You are going further away
But I want to take in everything
Every detail, every nuance
I want to.

The mountains rise high
Covered in Evergreens
Laden clouds, gently
Caressing their peaks
I want to be that mountain –
Touching the sky, reaching the limit,
Yet, warm and safe in your arms
Oh, I want to.

Maybe all there is to this
Is that I wanna be perfect for thee
I am a locked diary
And you’re my only key
I’m not perfect but I am still me
And that’s just the best that I can be.

The cascade makes its way below
Bouncing freely off rocks
Its pristine, white water
Smoothening the cold, hard stone
I want to be that waterfall –
Touching and changing lives,
Yet, never scared of a fall
Oh, I want to.


The silence is deafening
Almost tangibly present
Bringing with it peace
And a deep sense of contentment
I want to be the silence
Never interfering…
Yet, solidly, dependably there for you
Yeah, I want to



Baljinder Singh said...

hey...nice description of your hidden feelings.
I am sure every time one reads this post, he will feel afresh.

PS: I hope you get yourself unlocked soon..:P

Golden Vulture said...

oye nice song .. sing it someday :) :)

Appy said...

Thanks Baljinder! Im not unlocked by the way.

@Ankit - A tune is in the offing. A promise by a friend. So very soon.

Adisha said...

That's amazingly done babes ... You need to stay around more :D Thanks for your comments ... Chao

Rhett said...

You are quite a talent.

Anil Kumar Ramisetty said...

this is good.

i just wonder weather you would like to write a guest column in my blog; i am trying to push the others too. so that we will be connected in the blog space.

Anonymous said...

wow,dat was reaaly awesome.

Appy said...

thanks Meghna :) do keep visiting!